Friday, June 18, 2010

Hair dye - is a patch test necessary?

I'm planning to dye my hair soon and I am currently doing the patch test to make sure I'm not allergic to the dye. However, I was wondering if it is really necessary to wait a full 48 hours before dying my hair.

Wouldn't a severe allergy show up pretty quickly? Or if it takes longer to manifest, would it really wait for the end of the test to show up?

If I've shown no serious reaction, do you think it would be safe to dye my hair after 24 hours? 36? 40? 42? or should I really wait the entire 48 hours?

Hair dye - is a patch test necessary?

its not necessary to wait 48 hours if you were allergic to anypart of the solution it would have made itself know in the 1st hour,,

Hair dye - is a patch test necessary?

I never do the patch test,

I did it once

And after an hour I dyed my hair

Dont believe the bottles :]

It should be fine and if you were allergic it would affect you within an hour

Hair dye - is a patch test necessary?

go for it if theres no sign of allergic reaction

hope it turns out nice

Hair dye - is a patch test necessary?

No i think that the purpose for the patch test is to tell if you really like the color of it or not. Plus the company does not want to be sued if you have a serious allergic reaction. You really do not have to wait more than 1 1/2 before you can see if you have an allergic reaction or not.

Hair dye - is a patch test necessary?

i've never done the patch test...there's no need to wait that long-if you were to have an allergic reaction which is very very rare, it would probably happen pretty fast...the patch test is pretty much just so you can't's like how people say consult a doctor before going on their exercise plan...

Hair dye - is a patch test necessary?

that's very thorough of you to do that test ...many don't....

Over the years It has been my experience that if you are one of those who is susceptible to different allergies or sensitivities you probably will of hair dye as well......

but if you've gone to the trouble of the test, why not see it through to the end...

you're almost there....

be careful on which box of color you use, I am very opposed to those boxes they do more damage than good....

there is a way to do it at purchasing the 2 items separately...

there is no way they could have the right 2 items in that box....

you're more than welcome to send me an email if you want me to tell you which color and which developer to purchase

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