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Is it true that hair dye doesn't last that long on bleached hair?

I went to a hairdresser in the CBD today and asked if they had green hair dye and she showed me the different colours of Fudge hair dye they had and she told me they didn't have the green one anymore. And then she told me that it would've only lasted 3 or 4 washes in my hair anyway, since I would have to get it bleached before applying it.

Is this true? And does this apply with Manic Panic/Special Effects? And if I'm not mistaken.. Fudge hair dye is just semi-permanent, isn't it? Is Manic Panic and Special Effects semi-permanent as well? How long does it last?

Also, can someone suggest places in Sydney where I can get my hair done professionally [they have to have green hair dye too].

Thanks in advance!

Is it true that hair dye doesn't last that long on bleached hair?

Any fashion colour you apply to the hair will wash out.

This is because, to see the true colour in your dark hair, you need to pre lighten it by bleaching - there's just no other way. Even permenant tint will fade (and is not recommended, as it promotes damage on already treated hair).

To explain what i mean - imagine you take a black texta and colour in a page. Then, take your green and colour on top - will you see it? No. Or, take a brown texta and colour, then take the green and try go over the top - will it look the way you want it? Again, no. It's the same with your hair, and explains why you must pre-lighten it.

Without a doubt, the other colours you mentioned are also semi-permanents. To make it last, you'll need to keep reapplying as it fades (you won't need to re-bleach, unless theres a regrowth).

If i were you, I'd just combine a yellow and blue fudge colour to create you own customised shade. You can get it as lime, or aqua or dark green as you want this way.

You can get it done in the CBD or many other hairdressers.. but you should be specific in what your after

-Full head green? Or just some chunks? Placement - underneath or on top? Just in your fringe?

-What sort of green are you after? Dark, Light, Pastel, Fluoro, Teal, Sea Green?

If you be really specific, you'll get the result you're after. Dont be scared to be fussy, because it's your hair at the end of the day. Also that way, if something goes wrong, you can tell them it's not what you asked for, and you shouldn't have to pay for it.

Is it true that hair dye doesn't last that long on bleached hair?

Bleaching opens the follicles in hair, making colours wash out more easily. Maybe she mentioned that because green, like red, is a colour that fades quickly. If so, the brand won't matter. You'll just have to re-dye it more often.

Is it true that hair dye doesn't last that long on bleached hair?

Well, I noticed when I bleached my hair about a year ago that everytime I would dye my hair after the color would fade within about 2 weeks no more than that. This went on for 2 months.

Also I haven't used Manic Panic but I have heard from friends and seen the color change that it comes out fast, but I think that's only natural with any hair dye.

You can't really run from it, just get used to having to dye your hair often.

Is it true that hair dye doesn't last that long on bleached hair?

what happens because it is already bleached the follicle natural enzymes are stripped away therefore anything added onto it hasn't got much to stick to there for will fade quicker

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