Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hair, help, pic to show!?

ok so yeah thats me

my hair is natural blonde

16" long

maybe a little longer

blonde hair, natural highlights

i want a new look

but i am not cutting it

staright, how?

curly, how?

wavy, how?

so striaght, curly, or wavy, and how would u put them on me?

i REALLY want my hair to look like taylor swifs in this pic

please please please please help me get a GOOD look!!!!!!

thanks so much!

Hair, help, pic to show!?

you look good now

Hair, help, pic to show!?

well first of all go to google and type in hairstyle tryouts their you can see if you would look good in that hair style or not. my hair was not that long but it was pretty long so i went their and i found the hair i love today

Hair, help, pic to show!?

ok dont do that!!!!! just go get ur hair slightly layer that way u can do all three if u want but i dont want to go into detail about what to do

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