Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hair dyeing help!?

Ok so my friend wants to dye her hair this color-

But she has dark dark brown hair...

how i can i make it show up without having to go to a salon to bleach it? I dont want her hair to be actually that color, but i want it to show up a lest a little bit? if i dye her hair blonde will it lighten it enough to make the color show up a little?


Hair dyeing help!?

If you go to the store and look at the box it will show you swatches of "if your hair is this then it will be this after"

If you go blonde first also consider what it will come out as by looking at the swatches. If you do decide to go with the blonde first wait 24 hours before applying the second color to prevent damage and to ensure the proper color will develop. if you do it right away it could end up pink or a brighter red. I have seen it happen.

Hair dyeing help!?

if you want the color to show without using the bleach use blond on brunette hair it will come out lighter brown

Hair dyeing help!?

What color in that link?

But if her hair is dark - color doesnt remove color - so it wont show up. U cant dye bren hair blonde only remove n deposit color.

Hair dyeing help!?

You're talking about the dark auburn color, right? No need to go blonde first. This is just changing the shade from a brown to a red. It will work with her natural hair color.

Hair dyeing help!?

she wants it red?

my friend has dark brown hair and shes dyed her hair that similar shade of red using a temporary dye, and it came out fine on her.

what you should always do is a strand test. cut a strand of her hair and apply some mixture to it. follow the dirrections and see what it looks like. if it doesnt look red enough, then what you can do is dye it in steps. dye it a shade of red, wait 2-3 weeks, and dye again until you get to your preferred colour

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