Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Help! hair emergency!!?

ok i really really really need help on picking out a new hairstyle. so if anyone knows any good sites that show cute new haircuts for medium hair or if any of u know of a FREE virtual makeover website i'd love that too. PLEASE HELP!!! I have an appointment to get my hair cut today but idk how i want it so PLEASE!!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!

Help! hair emergency!!?

Hun, dont worry! You seem like your completely clueless on what hairstyle to go for, but stop panicing(lol)!

try this website:

On this website you can upload a picture of you and see how you would look with different hairstyles,also you can try diferent hairstyles and makeup too!

*This website also has alot of hair tips and makeup, clothing tips too!

Hope i helped alittle!

and f you still need help just message me


Help! hair emergency!!?

Check out

They have a "salon" where you upload a picture and try on different hairstyles!

Also, I would just buy some hair magazines!

Help! hair emergency!!?

put this in the adress bar

Help! hair emergency!!?

i cant really give you a site but i suggest really short and to one side like rihanna.

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