Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Going to the hair salon for the first time?

A (male) college student going there for the first time. I have no idea what to prepare for if I'm supposed to prepare for anything. I would love to hear comments about tips and what not. After the haircut, would I give her the tip and then on my way out, pay at the counter?

Also, I know how I want my hair done and wondering if I can go there with my hair styled/gel'd beforehand to show her how I want it to look. Is this acceptable?

Appointments necessary? The typical price for an ordinary haircut? I don't need anything special at all, just to get my hair a bit shorter and trimmed down.


Going to the hair salon for the first time?

Yes, go in with your hair styled essentially the way you want it, except for slightly too long. (It's also okay to take in a photo, or several, from different angles, of your hair when it was perfect.)

Even at a place that welcomes walk-ins, appointments are the way to go, since they get in before any walk-ins.

They'll cover you with a plastic cape-thingie, shampoo you, then do the cut, and blow-dry it with a little styling product, so you'll look good when you leave.

Tip the stylist as you leave his/her work station or chair, then pay at the counter or reception desk. That's the norm, but if you've gone to a place where the stylists rent space and are paid individually, they'll let you know to pay them directly.

The price varies wildly. My husband pays about $13 before tips at a discount place where no stylist stays for long. I've paid as much as $55--for the best damned haircut of my life. It's perfectly appropriate to ask the price for a haircut before you make an appointment. I think the last one I got professionally was about $25. Since my haircut is about the easiest there is--straight across my back--it was too much.

Going to the hair salon for the first time?

wtf, walk in, sit down, get your hair cut, pay, leave. it's all quite simple.

Going to the hair salon for the first time?

It is helpful for a new stylist to see "typical you", so you should do your hair the way your normally would, and if you have a favorite photo of yourself bring that too.

When I get my haircut, I pay at the counter. If the salon allows me to add a tip to my credit card payment, I do that. If not, I walk back to my stylist and hand her cash.

Tip like you would in a restaurant - 10% is seen as cheaper side of avg. I give $5 for a $30-$40 haircut. Your haircut should be less expensive because you are a man - unless you're in NYC.

Going to the hair salon for the first time?

It's not that hard. Go in, say "Hi, I want a hair cut" and let them do it. If they do a good job, give them a few dollars as a tip. No need to create a bunch of drama.

I have a feeling this isn't going to go well.

Going to the hair salon for the first time?

You've never been to a hair salon? lol

You should tip the hair stylist, about 10% of what you pay them for the haircut, or just give them about a 8$ tip, if you're going to a beauty salon that isn't "fancy". You can go into the hair salon with your hair gelled to show them, but I suggest your find a picture on the internet to show them. Appointments depend on the salon, some allow walk-ins, and the typical price for a hair cut is about 12 bucks at a normal beauty salon.

Going to the hair salon for the first time?

First thing, DON'T PANIC you'll love i'm sure there will be loads of fit girls! Anyway, the tips thing - it all depends on what the salon is like. If it has a tips jar on the counter then put it in when you pay, or at the end if you pay at the start. If not pay the person who does your hair and if they say otherwise, be cool! Next thing - depends if your having a wash and cut or just a cut. If you are having a wash and cut and you style your hair how you like with easy wash out gel you should be ok but if your just having a cut you could take a picture in with your hair how you like it.

Appointments - i think you'll need an appointment. But again it depends on the salon. I'd go in their first see what it's like maybe ask them some questions about it then see if you need an appointment.

Typical price - wouldn't know being a girl! If you go in their FIND OUT!

Hope that helps!

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