Friday, June 18, 2010

Straight hair?

I have wavy hair, what is a good way to make hair straight but protect it from the heat!?!? any good heat protectants?

the ones i have tried are:

chi: iron guard

nexxus: heat protex

and biosilk, i hated them all, someone please tell me your routine with hair bc i hate showing up at school with wet hair, its my pet peeve

Straight hair?

my routine is :

1. put in PAUL MITCHELL heat protetctant

2.use Dove Straight and smooth cream

3. put hair in to layers

4. Spray hair with Hairspray

5. straighten hair

6. brush hair out

I usually straten it the nite b4 and touch it up in the mornin

Straight hair?

try this:

V05 Miracle mist.. it works and it smells good too. (its what I use before I straighten my hair)

My routine:

After I get home from school I hop in the shower, I dry it and straighten it that night and then the next morning I go over my hair one more time really quick with the straightner (to get rid of morning hair) then I go to school.... *repeat cycle*

Straight hair?

use citrus shine spray (I think that's what it's called) before you straighten it

Straight hair?

use a straitener

Straight hair?

they do have straightening shampoos..i have the same problem. sometimes i wish my hair was pin straight!! lol..look for a john frieda straightning shampoo and conditioner or any name brand!

hope this helped!


Straight hair?

Ok i would like to know what you hated about them but heres another option Biolage Fortifying Heat protectant. Which is a lite cream but usually biolage for being natural stuff goes well with most people. I have used many and i really like that one. I have lots of wavy hair and seems like is not really heavy on my hair so if you have fine maybe just using enough will be good. Now for the last step , shine and smooth frizzies i used Biosilk oil you now but also loved redken smoothing serum on the smoothing line which is a brown pump.

Straight hair?

Take a shower, and when your hair is wet, use biosilk ...and use a straightening shampoo like Neutrogena Shampo.. Or V05.. So Good luck! HaPpY HoLiDaYs =)

Straight hair?

Wash hair with moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, like Dove or Pantene or Herbal Essence has a new line out. Then towel try and add straightening creme from Loreal called Hot Straight. It comes in a bright pink bottle and is heat activated especially for flat irons but also works for blow dryers. Next dry hair in sections using round brush (preferably ceramic) and a blow dryer. When completely dry use flat iron on about one inch sections of hair. You can use an anti-frizz finishing creme help control fly a ways. I like one by VO5 it comes in a bright red tube. Just put a quarter sized amount (more or less according to length) into hand rub together and run through hair avoiding the roots and paying close attention to the ends.

Hope this helped.

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