Thursday, November 26, 2009

What can I do to fix my hair?

My natural hair color is ashy blonde, sort of a green color (if you know what I mean). I have had beautiful blonde highlights in my hair forever. I am known for having great hair. My hair looked like it was colored all over there was so many highlights in it. Well, my hair started getting dry and fried from the flat iron, so I was just going to let it grow out all the way and start over with highlights probably next year. My stylist suggested for me to get lowlights so my roots would not show so bad. Ok, my hair is worse than it was before. The lowlights she put in it feel like wires and I am constantly pulling them out 1 by 1. I cannot do anything with it. Every shampoo I use either makes it too oily or too dry. I use Aveda or Paul MItchell. My hair is short in the back somewhat layered and longer in the front. I just don't know what to do. Change shampoo, go back to blonde? Help me, please!

What can I do to fix my hair?

I would have a consultation with a reputable salon and come up w/ a strategy to get your hair back in good health. I suggest not coloring it for a while, else you'll wind up with massive breakage from over-processing. Invest in some deep conditioning treatments, try as best you can to avoid excessive heat styling (use an ionic drier on low heat to blow-dry), and use good products.

And ditch the flat-iron except on special occasions. It fries your hair.

What can I do to fix my hair?

i had the same situation! i just went and di my own hair from a box color like i have been doing for 7 yrs now. it worked well for me and when u shampoo and it is frizy ike mine gets i use a cream to make the frizz go away. it works wonders for frizz situations since i dye my hair once a month naturally med blonde and now light blonde.i would try clariol hair dye or herbal essance hair dye. i have used them and they work well on fixing a problem.

What can I do to fix my hair?

Use a good natural shampoo and conditioner. Water down your shampoo.Shampoos are too concentrated. Water it down in a cup every time you wash your hair. Don't put it in the bottle. Its not hard to find natural. I use "Nature's Gate", but there are many more good ones.

What can I do to fix my hair?

Try using sunsilk hydrating deep conditioner you can get it at almost any drugstore, leave it in your hair for almost 10 minutes or longer then rinse out really, really well. Then shampoo your hair and let it air dry. If you want to do something that is not damaging to your hair, but might help it not look so bad get some volumizing mouse and apply it to you hair while it is still damp, rub it in well and squeeze your hair so you will get a light wave in it. Wait for 3 more months before you recolor or highlight your hair. If you can't possibly wait that long try looking into possibly getting your hair cut into a cute bob style like Rihanna or Posh Spice had, that way you can cut off the rest of the damaged parts of your hair.

What can I do to fix my hair?

I have similiar problems with my hair. I am a redhead in texas humidity, and I do blonde highlights too. My hair has been notoriously dry forever, every time I would get a hair cut my stylist would freak out over how much moisture my hair needed! lol I tried all the big money name brand stuff too, and it all was totally worthless. I hated it.

A few months ago my cousin spent a weekend at my house and she brought her shampoo and conditioner with her. So of course she wanted me to try it, and of course I had

It is totally awesome. Herbal Essences has this huge new lineup of hair stuff now, and I tried the Break's Over one and it is awesome!!! I don't even need to use the special shampoo with it. The conditioner by itself is enough to keep my hair in shape, and I flat iron it all the time and everything!

I tried the moisturizing kind before this one, and it didn't really do anything for it, so I gave up on that, but use the "Break's Over" shampoo and conditioner and it will be fine. (it smells good, too!)

And if you need a little extra help with the flat iron, try out the VO5 Heat Defense flat iron mist. It comes in a little red bottle and it says "antifrizz" at the bottom. It is equally awesome.

Good luck on saving your beautiful hair!!

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