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Trim hair around eyes of a Lhasa Apso.?


I have a 10 week old Lhasa Apso, he's a cutie. I went to the vet today and they had the hair around his eyes trimmed out... He now looks so different and I really liked the polar bear face. She told me that this way the dog will not get any infections and could see better. I've always seen lhasos with hair around his eyes and I haven't seen the show dogs ever have their hair trimmed. Is this ok? Will it grow back and is it true that it should be trimmed? Please help...

Thank you...

Trim hair around eyes of a Lhasa Apso.?

I have a 5 year old lhasa and I always keep the hair on his face short. Hair in the eyes can and will lead to serious eye problems including blindness at an early age. This breed has many eye problems and the hair only increases the risk. I think you will get used to his new look and will find that he is a happier dog if he can see.

To maintain a "teddy bearish" look, let the hair on the crown of his head grow several inches long and flop off to the sides(but don't let it drop forward into his eyes), let the cheeks grow out and have his ears cropped to one length.

While he is still young, you should begin to wipe under his eyes very gently with a clean soft cloth at least once a day. This is something you will undoubtedly have to do when he is older, so it will be much better for both of you to get him accustomed to it now. Also, you should spend time touching and playing with his toenails. That will help when it is time to trim them. Touch the clippers to his nails just briefly, hold the nail in your hand briefly... stuff like that. And then, of course, lots of treats.

Lastly, start brushing that boy now. He must be brushed a few times a week particularly where they typically mat (behind the ears, armpits, tail).

Good luck!

I must add one more thing that i can't believe I forgot! This is probably one of the most important things you can do now that he is young.... START BRUSHING HIS TEETH!!! I can't tell you what I would give to have my dog cooperate with this process. There is a lot of research that is linking tooth decay and tartar to all sorts of organ problems, including heart disease. It is critical that you start brushing at a young age!! Use a good dog toothpaste and brush those little, sharp teeth with a baby toothbrush. Start with just 5 seconds and then the next day increase to 10 seconds, then 15 the next day and so on until you can brush the whole mouth.

Trim hair around eyes of a Lhasa Apso.?

Yes, it will grow back. I personally prefer it trimmed or thinned out, because otherwise it is prone to getting into their eyes and irritating them.

Here's some info on grooming a Lhasa:

Trim hair around eyes of a Lhasa Apso.?

Yes the hair will grow back.Depending on the mantainence you are able to keep up on, trimming the hair may be best. A the other alternative is to let the hair grow out and train it to lay flat as you see on show dogs. if you are not able to keep around the eyes clean then you may see infections develop, as well as matting, which is bad as well

Trim hair around eyes of a Lhasa Apso.?

The show dogs have the hair down for shows.And when they have it down its washed first.

Trim hair around eyes of a Lhasa Apso.?

Most pet owners of Lhasas will have the hair trimmed short around the eyes to keep the eyes clean and to keep hair from irritating the eyes. People who show will not trim the hair around the eyes, but the keep the hair pulled back away from the eyes when not showing and they probably comb the hair under and over the eyes everyday to keep the hair from irritating the eyes. For pet owners, trimming the hair in front and above the eyes is done to help with the maintenance and hygiene.

Trim hair around eyes of a Lhasa Apso.?

If you don't plan on showing your dog then there's nothing wrong with trimming the hair around the eyes. Its much easier to maintain that way.

Trim hair around eyes of a Lhasa Apso.?

The hair will grow back. If you clean the eyes about 3-4 times a day it's ok to leave the hair.Lhasa's have watery runny eyes somtimes and if this is allowed to build up it can easily cause an infection. \

Show dogs are not groomed like that and they do the extra car to kkep the eyes cleaned.

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