Thursday, November 26, 2009

Should i get my hair layered? plzzzzzzzzzz help?

i have meduim lonblonde hair and i was wondering should i get my hair layered, my friends think i should. also do you have any pics you could show me of long layered hair with side bangsthat will help me alot thanks

Should i get my hair layered? plzzzzzzzzzz help?

Getting your hair layered will make it look healthy and more lively. It will also add shine and volume and make it look bouncy without weighing the rest of your hair down.

Try going to your local hair salon and asking for a hair consultant to help you with the best style. Most salons offer a stylist who will work with your skin tone, the shape of your face, the type of hair you have, and the color of your hair to determine what cut and style is best for you.

Whatever you do, remember your hair will eventually grow out. Experiment with your hair!

Hope that helps, good luck!:D

Should i get my hair layered? plzzzzzzzzzz help?


Layering your hair is a good idea-you can do a lot more with your hair when its layered, it looks great flicked out or backcombed. Its also easier to manage than thick hair.

Sorry I dont have any photos tho.

By the way, when the heck did we start calling fringes 'bangs'???

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