Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dyeing Dark Black Hair?

I plan on dyeing my dark black hair with a box hair dye. i plan on using Revlon Colorsilk dye.

Whats the lightest Color i can go that will look great and show with having this black hair???

Heres the Colors i have to choose from:

(scroll down to see all on that website.)

Dyeing Dark Black Hair?

If you plan on dying your black hair I'd bleach it first if you want to go for a lighter color.

But I'd do it gradually because if you dye your hair from black to blonde, it might suprise you.

Dyeing Dark Black Hair?

It will look cute, dye it!

Dyeing Dark Black Hair?

strawberry blonde

Dyeing Dark Black Hair?

There is no color that will show up when dying over black hair. You will have to bleach first. If you don't, the only color that will ever come of it is a slight shine in the sun.

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