Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hair color dye???

I need help choosing a hair color. Its not for my whole head just under near my neck so when i flip my head it will show. I have Cali. blond hair and want a cool color. click this to see options thanks much

oh i should of put a pic. too bad.

Hair color dye???

If I were you, I would professionally get my hair colored, because the at-home hair dyes will dry anyone's hair to a crisp. It may be expensive, but the color is more permanent than those hair dyes.

If you don't agree with me about professionally getting your hair colored, then you can go ahead and use the dyes. It would look so cute if you picked hot pink, because that would go best with lighter hair.

Hair color dye???

Take a look at how my hair has looked as pink and purple.

Those colors looked wonderful with blonde!

Hair color dye???

thats not totally true I do my own hair at home and it turned out great and my hair didnt dry out but that does happen to some people. Id go with the Pink Flamingo most because it goes great on blondes

Hair color dye???

i think your best bet to do a double color...Meaning alternating streaks. I have medium/light brown hair and have put black streaks all over my head, but on the bottom/underneath is all black but with hot pink streaks. it looks awesome, and I've gotten so many compliments on how great it looks. You can either do it yourself or have a friend(that you trust) do it, or go to a proffesional....You can't really screw up the underlayers. So just have fun with it and just experiment!!!

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