Sunday, November 29, 2009

Products/Home remedies for over processed hair?

I've got icky split ends, I'm going to get it trimmed soon but I don't want to show up at the hair dresser's all that bad!

I've been dying my hair since forever, and I usually flat iron it once a week. I'm in desperate need of a good hair product or homemade concoction that will help fix, if not soothe, the damage.

Please and thank you. =]

Products/Home remedies for over processed hair?

Ta daaaaa!

My own home made stuff, I call it hair guacamole, it works wonders!

Heres the recipe:

1/2 an avocado

4 tbsp. of olive oil

1 egg

2 tbsp. of honey

1 tbsp. of REAL mayo

Blend well and slather on! Leave for 2 hours or as long as desired!

The olive oil and avocado re-moisturize the hair, making it super supple, the egg and mayo impart proteins which make it stronger, and the honey seals the cuticle and gives my hair shine, it also makes my curls bouncier.

Mind you, if you have less hair than I do (I have a really thick head of curly hair, Im Greek, go figure.) then you might have to halve the recipe. This gives me the most long lasting and drastic results of anything I've tried, and trust me, I've tried a lot. I don't like putting chemicals in my hair that much either, because even though I have a thick head of hair, the individual strands are really fine, and get build up residue and damage easily, which makes it dull and unhappy.

Products/Home remedies for over processed hair?

battery acid would do the trick, just rub it all over your head

Products/Home remedies for over processed hair?

For easy fix... every morning apply baby oil, leave it for an hour before you take a shower. That will make your hair soft, smooth, shiny and moisturized.

Say bye-bye to split ends and dry hair!

Products/Home remedies for over processed hair?


Put the mayonnaise on dry hair(make sure it is mayonnaise and not Miracle Whip) make sure all hair is saturated and then wrap plastic(like a small trash bag) tightly around your head and make sure all hair is under the plastic. Then wrap a towel around your head tightly, keep on for about 1 hour then

rinse out. The heat created by your head under the plastic is like getting a hot oil treatment without the expense. Mayonnaise has eggs and oil in it which is good for your hair.

Also, some people use beer for a rinse . I've never tried it though, so I don't know if it works.

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