Sunday, November 29, 2009

Help i need hair tips?

ok so i long hair 4 inches from my underwear line and it is like frizzy i have gel a blow dryer an astrait iron also my hair is puffy so what will look good i tried everything side bangs layers ponytails side bang looks good but i need to no where to part it i have 2 step layers and side bangs also i dont want to cut it canu show me picks my hair is brown with red and blond high lights sorry about spelling

Help i need hair tips?

well the first thing i would suggest is to cut it alittle...nbot too much tho, to make it lighter...for teh firzziness i would use some shampoos, or when your hair is wet keep in braids or together in one spot..then before it dries completely add some moose or hair spray.

Help i need hair tips?

Oh! Don't cut your hair. Use some oil, olive oil or King-Coconut. Put some oil on to your left palm and dip right hand fingers. Gently apply all over the hair. Then Brush well. It is very beautiful when hair "Moves as a single body"

Hair gel gives me lots of problems. Straighr iron will definetely damage your hair.

Keep a hair brush with you, preferably made with organic bristles.

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