Thursday, November 26, 2009

Any long-medium layered Hair cut pictures?


im getting my

haircut soon.


but, i dont

have a good

picture to


i want layered

hair with bangs.

straight hair only!

my hair is about to

my ribcage, so its

long, and i intend to

keep it as long as



Any long-medium layered Hair cut pictures?

You're right, it is hard to find a good picture but how about something like this:

(I like the first picture, the one with red hair) You can add bangs to it and it would still look nice.

The third one in the left column is nice too, this one has bangs but you again I'm sure you can add layers and still have it look nice.

The first one would probably look better with side sweep bangs as opposed to the second one with straight bangs. Make sure if you get straight bangs to ask for a "choppy" bang look, and if you're not sure what those are ask you hair stylist.

The second one on the right column.

Take a look around that site and don't be afraid to talk to your hair stylist (if you trust him/her).

Any long-medium layered Hair cut pictures?

Try these hairstyles:

(I would do a bang to go with this)

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