Thursday, November 26, 2009

My question won't show!! |)'=?

None of my questions will SHOW!! It's getting me really pissed off!! SHOW, DAMN YOU, SHOW!!!! I'm PULLING my HAIR OUT!!! PIZDETS!! Ach! This is so annoying!!;...

Thank you SO much!! I want to know why people are so SHALLOW... If you won't open the link...


My question won't show!! |)'=?

dont worry.they will be answered

My question won't show!! |)'=?

This one seems to have appeared...

My question won't show!! |)'=?

Are you looking for it in the right country? Sounds odd, but I would ask questions then look for them to see if there were any answers, and I couldn't find them. Turned out that I was looking in the UK and Ireland section, but my questions were on the 'Show all English questions' bit...took me ages to find that out.

I think though, some people find it easier to be shallow and superficial...but it isn't very attractive, is it?

My question won't show!! |)'=?

that's not your only problem, you're picture of the bird, the writing is all backwards ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

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