Thursday, November 26, 2009

How do I communicate better with a hair stylist?

I don閳ユ獩 know if something is wrong with how I explain things, or if most stylists are afraid of cutting short hair.

I bring photos of what I want and everything. I explain what I like about the photos, length, layering, lines etc., but they never get it.

I say I want the back tapered down and want to feel a fuzzy back of my head, they leave it longer (so I have the joy of it growing in like a mullet.) I say I want my hair cut away around my ears (even hold the part I want cut a way) and they leave it over my ears. I show the longer pixie-styled hair in front of the ears and say I like it, they chop them away until they are almost gone.

I have tried several stylists, and only rarely do I get a haircut that is similar to what I showed and explained. I often have to go home in 閳ユ竾ix it閳?with scissors when I get home. It is like I am gambling each time I get a hair cut. I will always lose the $40, but it is only slightly possible I will walk away happy.

How do I communicate better with a hair stylist?

Hey Lillyian :]

I have the SAME exact problem with hair stylists.

I think they are afraid to take too much off... I'd keep asking them to take a little more until they take too much and then my hair grows out all funky.

I had the same problem with the one time I asked them to color my hair a couple years ago... they really didn't get what I was asking them to do... I've never let them color my hair again.

I just do it myself now... you should try it. One day I just took scissors to my hair... and it turned out exactly how I wanted it. LOL I guess they can't read minds... only I know how I want my hair... it's not exactly their fault, I guess it's partly mine for not being able to properly explain how I want my hair... hmmm

Come over here! I'll cut your hair! LOL after all we are state neighbors...

How do I communicate better with a hair stylist?

Thanks for the best answer. Good luck with your hair! I hope it turns out the way you like :] Report It

How do I communicate better with a hair stylist?

Go and try a different stylist just to style your hair and then when you finaly find a place were they get what you were talking about then get your hair cut there

How do I communicate better with a hair stylist?

Do not get up out of that chair until they finish. If its not short and fuzzy enough in the back, say "A little shorter please," and keep saying it till its fuzzy enough.

When working on the hair in front of your ears, tell them to start slowly. Cut a little off, and take a look. Keep doing it over and over till you get it to the length you desire. Remember to start slow though, you cant reverse it.

But ya, there are a lot of bad stylists out there. I have went through a lot to find one that knows what they are doing. I've been going to the same person for about 8 years. Before then, when I thought the haircut looked like **** I just did not pay and told them what I thought. I never came back to those places, salons are a dime a dozen so its easy to go to the next.

How do I communicate better with a hair stylist?

Unfortunately the only way to really elaborate styles like that is to go to a advanced hairstylist. This doesn't mean hop on a plane to Hollywood and spend $500 on a haircut, I'm saying you sould do what I do. I get a haircut very rarely cause mine cost $150 each. So once or twice a year. If you pay this much for a haircut you are usually gonna get somebody really good and you will be happy or close to happy. Example:

I went to a stylist a month and and wanted side bangs. My regular stylist was gone boohoo. So I went to the same place but someone new. She cut my side bangs a little too shorts but I was happy. If you do what I do you will walk away at least satisfied everytime! Good Luck!

How do I communicate better with a hair stylist?

How to Describe to a Hair Stylist What Hair You Want

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