Thursday, November 26, 2009

Scene Hair ???????

I dont wanna cut it any shorter and I cant afford extensions so I have shoulder length hair! Any style suggestions??

Also what highlights would show up in medium brown hair

Scene Hair ???????

wow... POSER!!

Scene Hair ???????


you're going to have to get short, choppy layers. Think a nice 80's glamour mullet, practically. Hair extensions are shxt, fullstop. Never get them. They're that fake; it's lame.

Light brown hair? Bleach some white blonde and dye them random colours like purple, blue etc. I don't know. Usually they look bad.

Scene Hair ???????

Your the 1 billionth person to ask about emo hair this week.

Check the link,

Scene Hair ???????

well if you want scene hair you cant not cut you hair. but if you wanted to just get really choppy noticeable layers then get them dyed like blonde and get some black you can try that and it will look the same.

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